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Lori Swanson served as Minnesota Attorney General of Minnesota from 2007 – 2019.  She served as Solicitor General of Minnesota from 2002 – 2006. She was Deputy Attorney General from 1999 – 2002.   In 2004, she was appointed to the Consumer Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., was made Vice Chair in 2005, and in 2006 was appointed Chair of the Federal Reserve Board Consumer Advisory Council.


Lori Swanson graduated with distinction from the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism.  Lori Swanson then attended William Mitchell College of Law, graduating magna cum laude at the top of her class. She has lectured at many legal seminars. 


As Attorney General Lori Swanson authored many columns on public policy. The following is a catalogue of some columns written in her last term as Attorney General.  There are many proposals contained in the columns, many of which have not yet been adopted by the legislature.  This website is intended to share Lori Swanson’s thoughts on public policy and hopefully be a resource for those interested in the issues she discusses in those columns.